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Entry level qualifications can help learners to build skills, increase knowledge and boost confidence. They are suitable for a wide range of individuals including learners for whom GCSEs and Vocational Awards are not suitable, adult returners or community learners who want to develop their interest in a particular area.

WJEC currently offers a number of different entry level qualifications.

Our Entry Level Certificates in English, Maths and Science are suitable for learners who may not have reached level 3 at the end of Key Stage 3 or are working at a level below that required for a G grade at GCSE. They have been designed as a one- or two-year course that can be delivered in schools alongside GCSEs.


Our suite of Entry Pathway qualifications cover a range of subjects and enable centres to support personalised learning programmes for their learners through:

combining units to create programmes of study suited to individual learners’ needs;
eliciting the required assessment evidence from integrated programmes of work at appropriate points during the course;
recognising completion of each unit as well as the qualification as a whole
They are known as ‘Awards’, ‘Certificates’ and ‘Diplomas’ and are suitable for anyone interested in gaining a recognised qualification. For more information, please visit the relevant subject page:


Additional English
Creative, Media & Performance Arts
Healthy Living & Fitness
Independent Living
Personal and Social Development
Personal Progress
Preparing for Work
Science Today
Welsh 2nd Language




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